1,000 HP Sleeper BMW E21 Against A Lamborghini

When you own a fast and expensive car, then you have a feeling that no one can beat you on a highway. Well, let’s say most of the cars. But for sure, you will not expect to be passed by some BMW which is 30 years old. Something similar happened when a RWHP BMW E21 surprised this Lamborghini driver, showing all of its power.

This BMW chassis was the 3 Series from 1975 to 1983. This car has a heavy problems with rusting, but the engine is almost indestructible. There aren’t a lot of remaining units in the United States, and its very hard to see some BMW E21 running on the streets.

The true car enthusiasts know that a stock BMW E21 is not fast, and that makes them a perfect example for turning them into vicious sleepers. What kind of sleeper is this one ? Well, it has 1000 horse powers which makes it a real super car killer.

In this high-speed run, the BMW E21 is showing its power to a Lamborghini LP-700 Aventador. Some of you will think that any vehicle with 4-digit power would walk away from any street car, but the thing is that to make such a power – ridiculous turbos usually are needed.

For example: straight 6 engines are pressed hard to achieve a big turbo moving in turbo Supra builds. And that can allow to a super car with V12 AWD to run away without any effort. But, you should never underestimate the power of 30,000 dollars worth engine built in a low-cost car.

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This BMW E21 was manufactured in 70’s during the fuel crisis, and that’s why is constructed to save fuel at all times. The BMW owner modified the car to handle 1000 HP, but it has the wrong gears. 

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