2017 Ford Raptor :The World’s Best Flying Truck!

Do you have a 2017 Ford Raptor and a sand dunes ? If you have, the sand dunes are the right stuff for testing your Raptor. You probably have jumped on asphalt, but never on a soft stuff.

For its 2nd generation, Ford managed to beef up significantly the Ford Raptor‘s structure, reducing the weight using a lighter 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 and aluminum body panels.

And who can test the Raptor’s frame and see the results ? That will be the star of the Gymkhana videos – Ken Block.

And for Ken Block the regular dunes are not enough, he wanted a ramplike big dune, so he can launch the Raptor. And how much high off the ground ? You can see the video and guess yourself.

Jonny and Ken are evaluating the off-road performances of the 2017 Ford Raptor in the California desert. All the updates and improvements made by Ford are presented to show how good is their new truck. They are testing the top speed as well, before going into the desert.


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