Acura NSX is Better Than the Audi R8 V10?

What you think which one of these cars is better. Is it the glamorous ACURA NSX or the attractive AUDI R8V10 .

There were a lot of rumors about the performance sheets for the Acura NSX, is it better than the Audi RS8 ? Well, now we have a video to compare. This video is not denying anything, it is just showing how good the Acura is and how fast it can go on the asphalt.

Acura NSX vs Audi R8 V10



The drivers that are involved in this rundown are too experienced to make a mistake and they just want to prove which car is better, for driving, racing and for enjoying too. Don’t get us wrong, both the Acura NSX and the Audi R8 are great cars for the road, but only one is going to win this time and later we will see which one.

As the host of the video says, it is a tight comparison here. Both of the cars look almost the same and he has lined them up pretty nicely there. Both white color it is hard to distinguish one from another, the headlights are similar too. The resemblance on the Audi with the McLaren is obvious, the front end looks like it.


But the Acura NSX has special markings on it that are making the car to look beautiful and unique at the same time. After you hear the sound that is coming from both of the cars you will know the difference right from the start.

There is no other car that can imitate the roar of the engine of the Acura NSX and this is what makes it so special. The exhaust system that has been installed on it is making it more powerful, less fuel spending faster machine than any other.


In matter of speed, the Audi V10 engine tends to pick up speed faster but in the long run it would lose from the Acura easily. Enjoy the video:

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