Can a Bicycle Go Faster than a Ferrari ? This One Can

François Gissy is the guy who just set an unusual insane record of all times: Francois managed to reach 207 mph on a bicycle which is powered by 3 rocket engines. The bicycle was designed by Arnold Neracher, who is his very good friend. Arnold says that most of the parts are normal, which we can see on a normal bicycle. Only the rockets are designed specially for this purpose.

This bike has elongated frame, which function is to enhance the stability of the bike. The pedals are working, if you ask that. This rocket-powered bike has fat tyres and a regular brakes, but who uses brakes at such speed. Their purpose is only to stabilize the biker, in this case Francois, but mostly the brakes are not used. The bicycle is subjected to 1.96 Gs of acceleration and enormous high velocity.

A highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is used to power the 3 rockets, and Francois literally sits on the fuel tank. The designer put a button, which is actually an accelerator, to fire the 3 rockets at full throttle.

This bike has two speeds: off and rocket speed.  François Gissy made several runs, and on his top run he hit 207 mph in only 4.8 sec. We are talking about 250 meters distance. To compare this speed with a supercars speed, the rocket-powered bike challenged a Ferrari F430 Scudiera. Just to remind you, this Ferrari accelerates from 0-62 mph in 3.6 sec.

Watch this video and you you’ll be pretty much surprised.

Francois Gissy’s previous record was 163 mph which he set in May. But, he says that he is not stopping here. His next goal is to make this bicycle as fast as  249 mph  (400 km/h) in under 2 sec. He likes the craziness of this bike. He says that probably when he’ll be too old, he’ll start to think about the comfort of a motorbike.

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