This Exposed Carbon Fiber Bugatti Chiron is a Genuine Automotive Unicorn

No one has ever accused the Bugatti Chiron of being ordinary. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of ordinary. It’s everything but ordinary. It’s mind-blowingly fast, super rare and staggeringly expensive, with prices fetching up to $3 million.

The chances of you seeing one in person are probably larger than winning the lottery, unless you happen to be in Monaco that is. This small state, home to one of the most popular F1 races, attracts a ton of tourists and wealthy celebs. It’s a hotspot for super and hyper cars, some of the finest creations the world has ever seen.

When NYCarspotter recently took a trip there, they had the chance to capture what is quite possible the most unique Chiron in the world. We’ve seen Bugatti’s latest flagship finished in several different paint jobs, color schemes and even wraps, but this bare, naked carbon fiber Bugatti Chiron is something else. We were sort of hoping we’d see the Chiron fully ‘exposed’ like this, and we’re glad we did, because it looks stunning.

It may be a large luxury GT car at heart, but there’s something so pleasing in seeing the entire carbon fiber body nude in its fullest. To check out the car’s exterior and interior in more detail, view the video below. There’s even a startup section where you can hear the massive W16 roar to life and drive off.

Is this carbon fiber Bugatti Chiron the greatest hyper car of our time? Probably.

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