A Dashcam Captured A Near-death Experience

Dashcams are extremely popular these days, especially in Russia and most of the Asia. With so many accidents and fake insurance claims, most of the road users want to make sure they have something which will back their claims up in case the worst comes. The following video proves however, that not all accidents are caused by human error. In a freak accident in Taiwan a person almost lost his life, and it was all Mother Nature to blame.

The terrifying video below starts off relatively mellow. The dashcam is following a white sedan through a road in Keelung, a city on northern Taiwan. Other than some water patches on the road here and there, as well as relatively light rain, there’s not a lot to report about to begin with.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, mud and rocks start raining down from the sky (the surrounding mountain to the right), pushing the white car from its lane and narrowly avoiding hitting it dead on. Once the dust settles, a boulder the size of a monster truck is seen stopping just mere feet away from the white car, nearly crushing it completely.

Luckily, everyone in the car got away unscathed.

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