Dodge Demon Sets Insanely Fast Drag Time and Instantly Gets Banned From Racing

After months of teaser videos, ‘leaked’ information and what not, we finally get to see the beast in the flesh. And what a machine it is the Dodge Demon. Let’s get straight down to what you all want to hear: power figures. The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 has been lifted straight from the Hellcat, but the engineers over at Dodge had a little play with it so it now makes 840 bhp.

That’s quite a bit more than what we originally thought it would make. Then there’s the torque: 770 lb-ft. The end result is a quarter mile time of just 9.65 seconds.

The American National Hot Rod Association was there to witness its first run and verify its time, which it managed to do on its second ever outing. They then proceeded to ban it from racing claiming it is too fast to drag race. That’s right, irony of ironies, a purpose-built production drag car is so fast it’s been banned from racing. But how can that be, you may be wondering.

Well, it’s really simple. Cars breaking the 9.99 second quarter-mile time require a full rollcage and a NHRA license, while everything hitting the trap speed at over 150 mph requires a parachute. With a time of 9.65 seconds the Dodge Demon smashes the latter portion of the NHRA’s regulations and topping the quarter-mile at 140 mph, it’s not far off actually needing a parachute to stop.

Want more figures? Check this out. From a dig it can hit 30 in one second, 60 in 2.3 seconds and the magical 100 mph in just 5.1 seconds. It will reach 100 miles per hour faster than a Volkswagen Golf GTI will hit 60 mph. Sheesh. If that’s not fast then nothing is. It launches with a staggering force of 1.8G, or in other words, it can turn your stomach upside down with the launch alone.

Now, we always knew it would demolish the drag strip, after all, that’s what it was made for. What no one expected however, is for it do to wheelies. Even with meaty tires at the back and proper drag-radials at the front it will pop wheelies like nothing else in production.

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Before you start freaking out that you won’t be able to take your brand-new Dodge Demon to the track, note that the rules only apply to individual cars. And although the Demon can technically get into the 9 second range with ease, it’s only when a professional driver is behind the wheel who can use the trans brake to its fullest that it manages to break the 10 second barrier.

Does this mean that it has a limit? Absolutely not. Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands at FC, said that there’s a lot more potential in the Dodge Demon. With a proper rollcage, real slick tires (instead of the drag radials) and a few engine tweaks it could get into the low 9s with ease. Will it ever do an 8 second quarter-mile pass? Well, let’s wait and see.

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