What Will Happen To Your Engine Without Oil Inside!

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your engine if its running without oil inside ? In the video below you can see very interesting experiment which explains the whole process. The same engine is running the first day with enough oil and the second day without oil at all, to see the damage caused by running the engine without oil.

The engine used for this purpose is 212 cc air-cooled single cylinder Harbor Freight. The most important points to see the difference are the valve cover, exhaust pipe, the air-cooled cylinder bore, the top of the crankcase and the crankcase.

The guy is using some premium motor oil and the experiment starts.  After conducting the experiment, he opened the engine without oil to see what happened inside. A very small amount of oil didn’t drain at all, and we can see a permanent damage inside. Also, the rod cap has been damaged after only fifteen minutes of work, as well as the cylinder bore and the camshaft.

The conclusion is : do not run your engine without oil in any case. The damage will be equally high if you don’t change your oil regularly. In that case the motor oil gradually turns into thick sludge that doesn’t flow at all. Eventually after enough miles it’s like running without any oil. The oil loses the properties of the additives used, and contaminants thicken the oil with time. Eventually you lose oil flow as the entire system is designed to work with oil at a certain viscosity, and it gets too thick.

We give you a friendly tip here: be sure to occasionally check your oil level, older cars tend to burn more oil and it’s a headache that can be easily avoided by checking your dipstick while your car fills up with gas.

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