This Freakily Futuristic Airbus Drone/Car Hybrid Can Literally Fly Out Of Traffic Jams

We’ve seen our fair share of flying cars. Most concepts were dreadful, with no thought behind how the car would actually operate and work. It was just a case of a man, his pencil, and the idea of a flying car. Thankfully, Airbus decided to have a go at the flying car concept and actually nailed it first try. The end result is something resembling a modern drone, which when you think about it, is the perfect platform for a flying car.

Called Pop.Up, it’s a modular fully-electric concept vehicle designed to ease traffic congestion in large cities in addition to reducing harmful gases thanks to its zero-emissions propulsion system. The idea behind it is genius.

flying car - airbus drone

You have the actual craft with four rotors at the top and a passenger capsule at the bottom. The capsule is detachable, so the craft itself can actually take off and land pretty much anywhere. Seeing as how crafts and capsules will be interchangeable, this could turn out to be a cost-effective solution to mass transportation too. Is the idea too far-fetched? The folks at Airbus don’t seem to think so.

They’re claiming the technology will be up and running in less than a decade, with the only real issue proving to be the current infrastructure. Regulations and laws related to flying cars are still in the gray zone too, so that will need to get sorted out in addition to the infrastructure problems.

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The Pop.Up concept uses an artificial intelligent system which builds user knowledge and eventually manages travel complexity while giving you alternative usage scenarios. It has two different modules: one of the ground and one for the air.

As you might have seen on the pictures, it uses four propellers to fly and regular wheels to move on the ground just like a car does. The user interface will allow you to choose your destination, music and even scan social media. An app designed for your smart phone will allow you to plan and book a journey from the comfort of your own home.

Airbus pinpoints four different technology areas as being absolutely core; connectivity, electrification, autonomy and new mobility solutions. Given the fact that the automotive segment is moving towards all four of those, it only made sense for Airbus to get involved in the project. What’s your take on flying cars? Leave a comment and let us know.

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