How to Fix a Car Dent With Just Water

Yes, you read that right – how to fix a car dent with just water. You no longer have to take your car to the mechanic or a dealership just for a small dent on the bumper.

What would have ended up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars can now be solved with some hot water and your bare hands. Plastic, as we all know, gets softer the more you heat it up. Following that principle, if you heat up a plastic bumper it will get soft enough to the point where you can actually squeeze it into shape with your bare hands.

Be advised however, this only works on plastic bumpers and you should be extremely cautious when handling the boiling water as to not get burnt.  The video below showcases a prime example of how you can attempt this yourself and how to fix a car dent, but proceed at your own risk.

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