VIDEO: Insane Car Stunts in A Homemade Obstacle Course

If you thought that Ken Block is the only guy that makes insane car stunts, then you are wrong. Ken Block’s videos are definitely entertaining and famous worldwide, but take a look at this epic video and you’ll see what we are talking about.

The man who is doing this insane car stunts is Tyler Witte, a stunt driver who previously has been working for race teams as a fabricator. He has even done a bit of rallying, but the costs involved were prohibitive for him so he had to turn into other direction.  He bought a first-generation Subaru Impreza, tuned it himself, and started to film his own Ken Block-style video.

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This awesome video proves that Tyler is a very skilled driver and can challenge even Ken Block. There are a lots of sideways actions, close calls with obstacles and jumps in the video demonstrating his impressive driving skills. He managed to turn the Subaru Impreza into a tire-smoking stunt machine.

Tyler also involved a heavy machinery in this video, which Ken probably never had thought of. Tyler had a small production crew for filming his video, compared to Ken Block’s production crew. It took him 80 hours to build the obstacles, and 2 days for shooting. And he had some mechanical problems that stopped him from shooting all of the scenes he wanted.

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The result is a 4 minutes of insane car stunts. Well, its not easy at all to become famous on internet. Enjoy the video and don’t forget that this video is under “don’t try this at home” category.

FYI: Ken’s first video was actually just a filmed pre-race practice run, and by the time they evolved into something much more fun and interesting to watch. We hope so that Tyler could find another places for shooting his videos, so that we will all have 2 great sources of insane car stunts to watch on YouTube.


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