Is This the Best BMW M240i Made to Date ?

The new BMW M2 is a great little thing. A true pocket-rocket in every sense of the word. But there’s one major issue with it. People can just go and buy one straight from a BMW dealership, making it more common than your average run-of-the-mill M car.

So, what if you want something different which will also end up being faster as well? Well, you turn to the tuning companies of course. One of the most famous BMW tuners is called AC Schnitzer. They’ve been modifying BMWs for 30 years, and to celebrate that, they decided to premiere their ACL2S. A BMW M240i model at hear with ridiculous amounts of performance on top.

Without beating around the bush too much, here are the headline figures: 440 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. That’s M4 power levels in a car weighing a lot less. Most of the added power comes courtesy of an ECU reflash, along with a new exhaust, downpipe and even intake. The internals of the 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder were left intact, as AC Schnitzer was more than confident that they would withstand the added oomph.

Elsewhere you’ll find a fully-adjustable RS suspension kit courtesy of Schnitzer with lots of options. Ride height can be adjusted, as can the compression and the rebound values.  It also sports a unique aero kit, with wide carbon fiber upgrades, a front spoiler, splitter, and even carbon fiber side mirrors.

The roof out back gets a small lip spoiler, along with a proper carbon fiber wing mounted on the trunk of the BMW M240i. AC Schnitzer AC1 alloys finished off in either black or silver round off the overall look.

BMW M240i AC Schitzer 1

Want one? Expect to pay the premium over a standard M2. The conversion costs ‘just’ $38,000, but that’s without the car included in the price. Add that to the equation and the price rises to $83,000. Only 30 units of BMW M240i will be built, so order one fast if you’re planning on doing so.

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