Kevin Scott is the Man With the Strangest Moto Speed Record

Hearing about Kevin Scott is never boring. Even the news has been repeating that this is the most exciting record that has been set with a bike in a long time.

It is not about the timing and the accuracy of the ride, it is the bike itself that is so strange. He set the Guinness record last year riding with the motorcycle and so much time has passed until we got this information’s about him.

The first question that pops into everyone’s minds is how Kevin Scott came up with the idea for a bike like this? We can only imagine how he would answer this question as he is such a creative person.

One Wheel Motorcycle


There is only one wheel on the bike and this is what makes it so interesting to watch. There is the 1.5 meter diameter and the team needed seven months to build it and another year to verify that it is meeting the Guinness standards for bikes.

That is commitment don’t you think? In fact this is a unicycle as it has only one wheel and strangely enough it has been named “WarHorse”. The guys that are behind the project do not want to show off to much with the design.


All that they have said, only repeats Kevin Scott and his opinion as well. They just wanted to make something for fun, but driving this unicycle is much more fun that you have ever imagined. The feeling is so much closer to flying than to riding a motorcycle, it feels like you are airborne at one point.

The last record with a unicycle was set at 57 MPH but Kevin Scott and his team beat it with 61.78 MPH proudly taking the win home, not worrying if someone else will try to break it.

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