Nissan GTR Special Version Switzer Goliath X with Monstrous 2000HP Spinout Crash at 218 mph

Would you try to drive a tuned Nissan GTR with 2,000 horsepower? And we are talking about speeds exceeding 200 mph. And what will be your reaction if it all started to go wrong during braking from a speed run?

And do you know how looks like a spin-out crash with a 2000 HP Nissan GTR in an attempt to achieve a speed of 218 mph ?

Exactly this happened on this Switzer Goliath X GT-R, a special version of Nissan GT-R with massive turbos and astonishing 2000 HP, which is built by Team Insanity Racing. One lucky guy from Team Insanity Racing had the misfortune to find out all of the above in the team’s Switzer Goliath X GT-R.

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Although drag racing is considered as one of the less dangerous auto sports, as they are held in controlled conditions, you should never underestimate the speed that these cars are achieving. Well, when the things go that fast, its almost out of your control.

Any car at a speed of 218 miles per hour (about 350 km / h) on the runway is like a real cannon, and you will be fortunate if you are alive at all.

One thing is for sure – he needed a parachute to slow him down. The parachute perhaps could have helped him to slow down the Nissan GTR to the point it wouldn’t end up in the grass.

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And look at that iron grip on the steering wheel even as the car is on the grass. They always say to get your thumbs out of the way in a crash so they don’t get busted if the steering wheel spins around uncontrollably.

Obviously the guy isn’t much into self-preservation, shooting for 225 mph on a bumpy road with only a helmet and stock seatbelt; no fire gear, no HANS, no rollcage, no 5-point harness, etc. He got lucky and cheated Darwinism here.


Some of you will say that you shouldn’t be poking your thumbs through in the first place. Because the steering wheel should be designed to rest your thumbs and when you lose control bring your arms close to your chest to stop them flailing when you hit a solid object.

Sucks about the Nissan GTR thats for sure, but we cant wait to see the next run.


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