These Are The Most Ridiculously Overpriced Cars Found on Ebay

As car enthusiasts, we’re taught not to discriminate any rides and respect them all equally, regardless if we like them or not. We all love a good bargain in the form of a car at an affordable price, but some of the vehicles for sale on eBay are properly ridiculous. Here are the five most overpriced cars we found on eBay (which aren’t worth the price tag).

1997 “Hulk” Honda Civic -‘Reserve Not Met’

This preposterous thing is a supposed to somehow resemble the Hulk, but we’re not entirely sure in what way, shape or form. Perhaps even more incredibly, people were bidding on it, pushing the final price to $4,575. That’s not the end of it either, because the owner of the car had actually set a reserve and it hadn’t been met.

1997 “Hulk” Honda Civic

Someone actually valued this thing so highly that they priced it at well over $5k. Just goes to show that big spoilers, oversized wheels and a silly paint job don’t always add value to the price of your car. If anything, they ruin it… massively.

Porsche 911 – $109,950

Porsches generally tend to hold their value very well, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise seeing this 911 for sale at ‘just’ $110,000. Reading further into the ad however, revels some worrying details. For starters, the car doesn’t have an engine. You won’t get a block either, so you’ll have to source it yourself.

Porsche 911

The bodywork needs a ton of work and it’s missing bolts and panels. Good luck to whoever buys it then, because even if you do manage to restore it completely, you can only expect around $100k for it. That’s ten thousand dollars less than the current asking price.

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