Best Entry-Level Performance Saloon Car: Jaguar XE

Less than a month since Jaguar announced they’ll be fitting the F-Type with a small four-cylinder, they’re now at it again, only this time it’s in the Jaguar XE. That’s right, the smallest four-door saloon car (sedan) from Jaguar is set to get the same four banger found in its sportier sibling.

In addition to the XE, Jaguar will update their entire range and equip the XF as well as the F-Pace with the same running gear. If you think this is a downgrade, think again.

Jaguar XE 2

The four-cylinder has 297 bhp, enough power to propel the Jaguar XE to 62 mph in just 5.5 seconds. That’s only half a second down on the range topping XE S, all while returning 41.5 mpg on the combined run, compared to a measly 35 in the S. As is always the case when losing displacement and cylinders however, you’re losing out on sound more than anything.

The change in pace will be almost negligible, but that glorious V6 soundtrack with pops and bangs we’ve come to love so much will leave a large void in our hearts with the new four-pot.

If you’re in the market for a quick saloon car and aren’t bothered about a four-cylinder sound that much, the new base Jaguar XE might be the perfect car for you. Prices start at around $49187 (£38,145) for the XE, $57169 (£44,335) for the XF and $57640 (£44,700) for the F-Pace. Jaguar is currently attempting orders.

Jaguar XE 3

We have no doubt it’ll be more than quick, but will the lack of any V6 noise deter a lot of potential customers? Only time will tell.

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