A rare unicorn: Supercharged V6 Alfa Romeo GT

As Jeremy Clarkson once said, you’re not a true petrolhead until you own at least one Alfa Romeo. Well, here’s your chance to own not just any Alfa Romeo, but one of the coolest and perhaps rarest Alfa we’ve ever seen. Tuned by Autodelta, this Alfa Romeo GT has been modified to such an extent that it enters genuine sports car territory, despite the car it’s based on being a rather mundane, sedated GT car, as its name might suggest.


Although the standard GT is a lovely thing, sooner or later you start craving for more power. Sadly, the 3.2-liter V6 in the Alfa is not that tunable, at least not without a bit of nagging. Because it’s got a high compression due to its naturally-aspirated nature, turbocharging or supercharging it requires lowering compression and all that sort of expensive, unneeded work.Supercharged V6 Alfa Romeo GT 3

So, what’s the alternative? Well, if your name happens to be Autodelta and you’ve been tuning Alfas for several years, upping the displacement is a good place to start.

The engine has been bored and stroked by a massive 500ccs, turning it effectively into a 3.7-liter transversely-mounted V6. That’s not all though. Because the larger displacement gave them lower compression, Autodelta was able to fit a rather large Rotrex C38-81 centrifugal supercharger to the V6.

With larger fuel injectors, a better, full exhaust systems and a tune, power output is up to 380 horsepower. Just as a quick reminder, consider the fact that the standard car makes 246 hp. This newfound oomph means that acceleration is affected… in a good way. Apparently, the sprint to 62 mph now takes just 4.9 seconds.

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The listing adds that there are other chassis, transmission and aerodynamic upgrades fitted to this beautiful Alfa Romeo GT, but let’s hope that includes a limited-slip diff. If it doesn’t it’s going to spin a single wheel in the traditional one-tire-fire motion, probably in the first three, or even four gears. It’s offered for three times the amount a normal, stock GT of the era would cost.

Supercharged V6 Alfa Romeo GT 2

Do you think it’s worth it?

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