Top 8 Most Unusual Cars Ever Made

Sometimes engineers and designers don’t get enough credit for the cars they put out. Although most of us take cars for granted, a lot of effort goes into actually developing and manufacturing them. These strange and unusual cars are proof that not everyone can or should build a car.

Pyramid Electric Car

Most Unusual Cars Ever Made

Before setting out and building a car, you have to ask yourself: Why am I doing this? If it’s purely for comedic value, this Pyramid electric car makes all the sense in the world. In all other scenarios, it’s a death trap waiting to happen. Known as the Dreamcar 123, there’s nothing even remotely dreamy about it. It weighs 8000 pounds, you can drive it for 3 hours on a full charge and can’t see anything from the inside. As a car then, it’s not very car-ish.

100-Foot Limousine

Most Unusual Cars Ever Made

You’ve probably already seen this picture on the internet somewhere, but the craziest thing is that it’s real. It’s not photoshopped. Someone actually built a one hundred feet long limo. It currently holds the record as the longest car in the Guinness Book of World Records, but you have to ask yourself is it worth it at some point. The car needs a runway to drive, as it can’t navigate most corners. As an art installation, it’s great though.


Most Unusual Cars Ever Made

Blending airplanes and cars is nothing new. It’s been done since the first airplane came out. The Tasco is one man’s vision of a plane-like car. Advertised as an American “sports car”, this T-top roof/cabin is entirely surrounded with fiber glass. The engine is rather conventional, so looks is all it’s got going for it really.

Michelin PLR

Most Unusual Cars Ever Made

What do you do if you’re a tire manufacturer but can’t get any trucks to test out your brand-new tire design? Well, you build a truck of course. Sort of anyway. Taking a Citroen DS, adding ten wheels and ten metric tons results in this monster you’re seeing. Michelin added two V8 engines to move all that weight, and the top speed is reportedly just north of 100 miles per hour. Hey, at least it was useful!

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